Faculty and Staff
Li Xun
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematical Economics and Mathematical Finance
Email: li.xun@whu.edu.cn
Phone : +86-27-68755339
PhD, Economics, University of Connecticut, USA (10-14)
MSc, Economics, China University of Political. Sci. and Law (08-10)
B.A., Economics & Mathematics, Wuhan University, China (04-08)
Curriculum Vitae



Ÿ Teaching courses: Advanced macroeconomics (undergraduate, 54); Dynamic programming (undergraduate, 54); Intermediate Econometrics (undergraduate, 54); Dynamic Optimization (undergraduate, 54); Economic Software Application (graduate, 36) 

Ÿ Research Areas: Consumer Behavior; Industrial Organization; Health Economics



Ÿ Assistant professor of Economics, Wuhan University, September 2014-present




Journal Papers (International)

1. Grandparents’ Co-residence and Grandchildren’s Wight Outcome in China. With Qinying He and Rui Wang. Economics & Human Biology 

2. Energy-Milk Price Transmission at the Product Brand Level. With Rigoberto Lopez and Shuai Yang.  Agricultural Economics

3. Search Engine Advertising for Organic Food: The Effectiveness of Information Concreteness on Advertising Performance. Journal of Consumer Behavior. With Shuai Yang, Dong Li and Zhihao Tao.

4. Food Environment and Weight Outcome: A Stochastic Frontier Approach. Applied Economics, 2016. DOI: 10.1080/00036846.2016.1161715. With Rigoberto Lopez.

5. Are US Obesity Rates Converging? Applied Economics Letters, 2015, 23(8). With Rui Wang

6. Do Brand Advertising Spillovers Matter? Agribusiness: An International Journal 2015, 32(2). With Rigoberto Lopez

7. Energy Price Shocks and Milk Price Adjustments. Applied Economics Letters. 2017 (3). 1-3. With Rui Wang.

8. Retail Soda Purchases Decrease after Three Years of a Community Campaign Promoting Better Beverage Choice. JAMA Internal Medicine. With Marlene B. Schwartzc et at.

9. Piloting an Online Grocery Store Simulation to Assess Children's Food Choices. Appetite, 2016 (1). With Amy M Heard, Jennifer L Harris, Sai Liu, and Marlene B Schwartz.

10. Legislating for Weight-based Equality: National Trends in Public Support for Laws to Prohibit Weight Discrimination. International Journal of Obesity, 2016(3). With Rebecca Puhl and Young Suh.

11. Improving Anti-Bullying Laws and Policies to Protect Youth from Weight-based Victimization: Parental Support for Action. Pediatric Obesity, 2016(2). With Rebecca Puhl and Young Suh.



Conference Papers (International)

1. Li, X., and Lopez, R. A. Energy Price Transmission and Retail Milk PricesAgricultural & Applied Economics Association, San Francisco, California, USA. July 26-28, 2015

2. Dai, J., Li, X., Wang, X., Yu, Q. and Mao, X. Food Scares, Market Power and Farm-Retail Price Spread: The Case of Pork Market in China. Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, San Francisco, California, USA. July 26-28, 2015

3. Li, X. and Lopez, R. Food Environment and Weight Outcome: A stochastic Frontier Approach. Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, Washington, D.C., USA. August 4-6, 2013.

4. Li, X. and Lopez, R. Spillover Effects of TV Advertising: The Case of Carbonated Soft Drinks. Agricultural & Applied Economics Association, Seattle, Washington, USA. August 12-14, 2013.



Ÿ American Economic Association

Ÿ Agricultural & Applied Economics Association